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Clinicians Primary & Urgent Care is a locally owned and operated Health Care Facility in New Tampa, Florida. It was founded with the aim of providing the highest quality urgent care in a professional, friendly and time-efficient manner. The clinic is staffed by caring, understanding, and experienced practitioners.

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Clinicians Urgent Care

An Intelligent Alternative to Emergency Room – No appointment needed


Skin Scrapes, Cuts & Lacerations, Joint Sprains & Dislocations, Bone Fractures, Muscle Sprains, Strains, Tears, Muscle Spasm, Injections for Joints, Tendinitis, Bursitis

Skin Urgent Care

Burns, Rashes, Insect Bite, Abcess, Boils, Cellulitis

ENT Urgent Care

Sore Throats, Ear Pain & Infections, Toothache, Cold, Flu, Sinuses & Respiratory Infections, Oxygen & Nebulizer Therapy for Asthama, & COPD

Stomach Pains

Heartburn, Gastritis, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Colic, UTI, Urinary Retention, Pregnancy Test

Patient Feedback

Clinicians Primary Care

An Intelligent Alternative to Emergency Room – No appointment needed

Adult Primary Care

Hypertension, Heart Diseases, High Cholestrol, Asthama, Skin Diseases & Allergic Disorders, COPD, Diabetes, Thyroid & Prostrate Disorders, STDs, Erectile Dysfunction, UTIs, Pre & Post Menopausal Symptoms

Chronic Wound Care

Diabetic, Vascular & Pressure Ulcers

Pain Management

Injections for Trigger Points for Tendinitis & Bursitis, Arthritis, & Gout. Fibromyalgia, Back & Neck Pains, TMJ, Migrane, Neuropathy, Osteoporosis

Travel Medicine

Consultation, Planning, Advise and Prophylaxis Tetanus, Flu and Other Vaccinations

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