Urgent Care

We provide an immediate availability of quick diagnosis and treatment of all Urgent Medical ailments which should not wait to be treated. No need for long waiting hours in the Emergency Rooms for what can be taken care at our State of the Art Facility which is well-equipped with all essential diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

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Primary Care

Clinicians Primary Care is provided by our Board Certified Physicians in Internal Medicine, and experienced mid-level providers.

This includes the diagnosis, treatment and the follow up of all chronic diseases like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Prostate Screening, STDs and Erectile dysfunctions. Youth & Adult medicine also focuses on prevention of the diseases by regular physical examination and Screening Tests including the EKG, Urine and Blood Tests on site.

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Travel Medicine

We offer Travel Medicine consultation at our office prior to all your domestic and international travels to discuss and advise on preventive strategies and prophylactic vaccinations for overseas travel.

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Immigration Physicals

We offer the Immigration Physicals for USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services) by our authorized Civil Surgeon. This requires detailed Consultation, Physical Examination, PPD Test for Tuberculosis and (if required) a Chest X-ray, RPR test for Syphilis, and administration of Vaccinations or Blood Titers tests, required by USCIS and in recommendations of CDC.

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Pain Management

Suffering with Pain can severely affect One’s daily life activities. Most of the time this obnoxious symptom can be effectively treated by appropriate measure.

We offer Local Injections to the Trigger Points, Tendinitis, Bursitis and Joint Injections for Arthritis. Chronic Back Pain and Neck Pain can also be Referred to Specialists for Nerve blocks and Epidural Injections.

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Medical Weight Loss

We offer medically supervised program by our Board Certified Physicians after a detailed medical consultation which is focused to evaluate and design a specific medical weight loss program according to the patients’ physical state and their individual medical conditions.

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