Travel Medicine

travelWe offer Travel Medicine consultation at our office prior to all your domestic and international travels to discuss and advise on preventive strategies and prophylactic vaccinations for overseas travel.

Meningococcal Vaccination and its certification is mandatory and required by Saudi government for all pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah trips and is offered at our office.

What is travel medicine?

Travel Medicine is a new emerging specialty offering the treatment, prevention strategies and prophylactic measures for potential diseases acquired during the travel domestically or overseas. As the international travel is becoming more common, human beings are more exposed to the health hazards which are still more prevalent in developing countries, especially bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections through unsanitary water supply and food contamination. Moreover, travelers can be exposed to insects and other hazards not normally found in the United States.

travel2Globalization and integration of different parts of the world also puts Americans to the risks of their health, if proper prevention strategy including the appropriate vaccination is not adopted. The goal of Travel Medicine is to prevent any health hazard before they occur with the help of preventive measures and standard guidelines.

When you access our services and meet with our experts, you can trust that you are receiving advice and care based on the most current information, recommendations and resources available. We continually monitor, assess and integrate into practice the latest information available from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other authoritative sources on travel health risks, disease outbreaks, and the latest vaccine and drug information.

Please make an appointment 3-4 weeks prior to your scheduled travel date for optimal evaluation and planning.